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Miraizon Introduces New and Improved Cinematize 2

San Jose, California - October 12, 2004 - Miraizon®, a San Jose-based digital media software company, announced today the availability of its new product, Cinematize 2, the best and only DVD movie clip extractor available on the retail market. Cinematize is a Macintosh-based software package that turns the once impossible and difficult process of extracting audio and video clips from a DVD into a fun and easy experience for everyone, from Hollywood movie/audio professionals to novice home users. Cinematize saves extracted files in a format compatible with standard multimedia editing software such as QuickTime, iMovie, and Final Cut. Built upon its popular predecessor, Cinematize, Cinematize 2 offers yet more powerful features, enabling users to take advantage of existing DVD content to create a new masterpiece, be it a multimedia presentation, an original video DVD, or a best-of music CD. For customers who want to try before purchasing, a free demo version of Cinematize 2 is also available from the Company Web site at

With Cinematize 2, users can now select start and end points down to the video frame level, making it possible to extract a segment as short as a fraction of a second and as long as an entire movie. Cinematize 2 also includes its own video decoder, providing powerful control over the video decoding process and eliminating any need for Apple's QuickTime MPEG-2 playback component. Cinematize 2 users can now take advantage of a new batch extraction mode which automates the process of extracting multiple chapters into individual clips. Already a very fast program, Cinematize 2 offers even better performance with multi-threading and acceleration for Apple's G4 and G5 processors. Cinematize 2 also provides advanced video and audio synchronization using DVD timing information, and even offers decoding options to fix synchronization problems common on "difficult" DVDs.

"From advanced audio and video synchronization to finer selection of extraction segments, Cinematize 2 provides many powerful new features. Now with its own video decoder, Cinematize 2 is an even stronger and more solid product than its popular predecessor. I'm confident that both existing and new customers will enjoy Cinematize 2 even more," said the CEO and founder of Miraizon, David Salamon.

Cinematize has been used by thousands all over the world, including Hollywood professional movie/audio editors, educators, and home users. Professional multimedia editors use Cinematize not only for editing their movies and music but also for creating portfolios and presentations to showcase their best work. Schools, businesses, and other organizations use Cinematize to extract just the segments they need for classes and presentations. Home users find Cinematize convenient to extract favorite scenes from a family DVD or to eliminate unwanted scenes from recorded TV programs. Users can also create still pictures from favorite scenes by extracting specific short segments. Cinematize offers a very simple user interface with good documentation and thorough technical support for novice users, as well as comprehensive features and great performance for professional users.

A Summary of Cinematize 2 Main Features

DVD Clip Selection

  • Selection of start and end points down to the frame level (New)
  • Support for multiple angles and soundtracks
  • Full audio (PCM, AC-3 MPEG, DTS, SDDS) and video (PAL, NTSC) format support
  • Extraction of audio alone, video alone, or together as QuickTime or MPEG movies

Extraction and Decoding Options

  • Powerful control of the video decoding process (New)
  • Video decoding to any codec supported by QuickTime (New)
  • Advanced audio and video synchronization (New)
  • Video decoding to raw formats
  • Audio decoding to AIFF, WAV, or raw formats

Output Options

  • Batch extraction - options to save multiple chapters as one or multiple clips (New)
  • Fast extraction and decoding of video and AC-3 audio (Improved)
  • Extraction of audio and video with full original quality
  • Extracted files saved in a format compatible with standard multimedia editing software


  • Acceleration for G4 and G5 processors (New)
  • Improved UI and ease of use (Improved)
  • Thorough documentation and excellent technical support

More details on Cinematize 2 features can be found at

Pricing and Availability

The downloadable version of Cinematize 2 is available immediately from the Company web site at for US $59.95. The boxed version of Cinematize is also available immediately from the company web site and will be available soon at major retailers including CompUSA, Apple Store, Fry's, Micro Center, J&R, Mac Mall, and many regional Apple specialist stores. The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) for the boxed version is US $69.95. For a limited time, Cinematize 1 users may upgrade to Cinematize 2 from the company web site at the special promotional prices of US $29.95 (download) or US $39.95 (box). A free Cinematize 2 demo is also available from the Company web site.

About Miraizon

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Miraizon was formed to deliver innovative, fun, and easy-to-use digital media software products to consumers. The company's first commercial product, Cinematize, has been used by professionals and amateurs alike from Hollywood to over 30 countries. Miraizon will be introducing many more such useful products in the near future.

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