Cinematize Pro HD Overview

Cinematize Pro HD - the only full quality HD clip extractor for Blu-ray and AVCHD

Cinematize Pro HD is the industry's first true Blu-ray and AVCHD extractor and converter. It allows you to extract clips of any length, from any part of the media, while keeping the full HD quality with little or no degradation. By extracting and converting just the portion of the movie that you want, Cinematize Pro HD saves you a lot of time and disk space. By maintaining the original high quality, Cinematize Pro HD delivers flawless multichannel audio and stunning HD video. The extracted files are compatible with all your favorite tools, including Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, ProTools, QuickTime, iMovie, PowerPoint, mobile devices, or the web. With an interface modeled on our popular DVD extraction tool Cinematize 3 Pro, Cinematize Pro HD brings the same ease of use and powerful performance to Blu-ray and AVCHD extraction.

Advanced Features

Cinematize Pro HD brings an array of advanced professional-grade features to Blu-ray and AVCHD extraction. Select your clip with fraction of a second precision even on complex Blu-ray discs, take advantage of all your installed components, customize compression parameters, and more.

  • Select clips from any portion of Blu-ray and AVCHD media, including main movies, extras, and menus
  • Select from even complex movies with multiple angles and PlayLists referencing scattered stream files
  • Define the limits of your selected clips with fraction of a second precision
  • Select among any of the available video and audio streams
  • Preserve full video quality using the included Miraizon DNxHD VC-3 compression component, with full Avid compatibility
  • Preserve full audio quality by extracting out all channels for up to 32 bit 7.1 multichannel audio, or downmix to stereo or stereo surround
  • Select custom video compression parameters manually, or use auto-configuration
  • Access and select installed compression components, including those from Avid, Final Cut, etc.
  • Save your movies out using any installed movie export components

Powerful Performance

Cinematize Pro HD takes advantage of graphics processor unit (GPU) and vector processing acceleration, multiple CPU threading, and more to dramatically speed up your extraction.

  • Hardware-accelerated H.264 video decoding dramatically speeds up H.264 video extraction
  • SSE2 and AltiVec vector acceleration for faster video and audio processing
  • Multi-threaded program structure gives impressive performance on systems with multiple CPUs

Flexible Output Options

Choose among a number of output formats for broad compatibility with popular video editing programs, mobile devices, and the web.

  • Extract out Blu-ray and AVCHD media with full HD quality for editing with your favorite video editing software
    (e.g. QuickTime, Final Cut, Avid, Premiere, iMovie, Vegas, etc.)
  • Use Blu-ray or AVCHD movie clips in presentations (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)
  • Extract audio alone from Blu-ray or AVCHD media either with all original channels or downmixed to stereo or stereo surround
  • Convert Blu-ray or AVCHD media for viewing with mobile devices (e.g. iPods, iPhones, or iPads) or set-top boxes (e.g. Apple TV or Roku)
  • Post extracted Blu-ray or AVCHD media clips on your web site or on video sharing sites such as YouTube
  • Create crisp, detailed high-definition still pictures from Blu-ray or AVCHD media

and much more!

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