Cinematize 3 Overview

Built on Award-Winning Cinematize 2

Cinematize 3 builds on its predecessor, the award-winning professional DVD converter Cinematize 2. Cinematize 3 allows you to extract video and audio clips off of DVDs and convert them into formats compatible with QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, Premiere, PowerPoint, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, or even iPads.

Faster. Better. Easier Have it all with Cinematize 3.

Cinematize 3 continues Miraizon's signature combination of advanced features with quality, ease-of-use, and speed. With its simple intuitive user interface, even novice users can immediately start using Cinematize 3, while enjoying pro quality results.

Cinematize 3 is the all-in-one solution for all of your DVD conversion and extraction projects:

  • Convert DVDs for high-quality editing with your favorite video editing software (e.g. iMovie, Final Cut, QuickTime, Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, etc.)
  • Create compilations from multiple DVDs
  • Use DVD movie clips in presentations (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynotes, etc.)
  • Extract audio alone from a DVD to use with iTunes or for an audio CD
  • Convert DVDs for viewing with iPods, iPhones, iPads or Apple TV
  • Post your DVD clips on your web site or on video sharing sites such as YouTube
  • Create still pictures from DVDs

and much more!

Cinematize 3 Overview