Cinematize Pro HD
Technical Specifications

Video Stream Support

H.264 Video

  • Software Decoding
  • Hardware-Accelerated Decoding

MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 Video

  • Software Decoding


H.264 hardware-accelerated decoding for the Macintosh version requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later and a graphics processor compatible with the Video Decode Acceleration framework.

H.264 hardware-accelerated decoding for the Windows version requires Windows Vista or later and a graphics processor compatible with DirectX Video Decode Acceleration.

Audio Stream Support

Format Support

  • Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio, up to 5.1 channels
  • DTS Digital Surround Audio, up to 5.1 channels
  • DTS ES Audio, up to 6.1 channels
  • DTS-HD Audio, up to 7.1 channels
  • Linear PCM Audio, up to 7.1 channels
  • MPEG Audio, up to 2.0 channels

Downmixing Options

  • Downmix to stereo
  • Downmix to stereo surround

Sample Size Options

  • Specify output sample size from 8 to 32 bits

Volume Adjustment Options

  • Adjustment by up to +/- 12 dB

Subtitle Stream Support

Format Support

  • Presentation Graphics, primary stream only

Decoding Options

  • Decode and merge onto video
  • Decode to images and times

Timecode File Formats

  • STL Timecode Format
  • Adobe Encore Script Format
  • SRT Timecode Format

Media Support

Supported Media Types

  • Blu-ray Disc formats including Blu-ray disc, BD-R disc, BD-RE disc, BD-DVD disc (BD5, BD9)
  • Blu-ray file folders including BDMV folders and BDAV folders
  • AVCHD media in camcorder, mounted as system volume
  • AVCHD flash memory card or AVCHD folder

Segment Selection

  • Selection among all PlayLists
  • Selection among PlayList angles
  • Selection of starting/ending chapters in PlayList
  • Selection within starting/ending chapters with approximately 0.5 second resolution

Output Support

Decoded Movie Formats

  • QuickTime Movie
  • AVI File (DV compressed video only)
  • DV Stream File (DV compressed video only)
  • H.264 Movie
  • MPEG-4 Movie
  • Mobile Device Formats (AppleTV, iPod, iPad, iPhone, 3GP Phone)
  • Export using installed QuickTime Movie Export components

Decoded Audio Formats

  • AIFF File with channel order information
  • WAVE File with channel order information

Elementary Stream Passthrough

  • All supported video and audio formats may be saved out as compressed Elementary Streams.

Extraction List

Extraction List Features

  • Add an unlimited number of list segments for batch processing
  • Add, Remove, Duplicate, Re-order segments
  • Edit, Replace segments
  • View complete saved settings for each segment in list
  • Split multi-chapter segments at chapter boundaries
  • Save and Load entire Extraction Lists

Extraction List Output Features

  • Extract all list segments to separate output files
  • Combine list segments sequentially into a single output file