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(Updated for accuracy on January 1, 2006)

DVD Movie Clip Extractor Cinematize 2 Now Offers Direct Output for iPod and Web Movies

San Jose, California - December 22, 2005 - Miraizon®, a San Jose-based digital media software company, announced today that it has added new functionality to its award-winning DVD movie clip extractor, Cinematize 2, to generate movie files for video iPod units and for sharing on the web. For video iPod users and web page creaters, these new features change what used to be a multi-step process into one single easy step. The newly added output formats include Apple's H.264-based iPod video format for the iPod and the MPEG-4 format for both iPod and web. In addition to these new features, the latest versions -- Cinematize 2.05 for Mac and Cinematize 2.02 for Windows -- include additional new features such as improved compression color control, improved handling of DV Stream export, as well as several fixes. The latest versions are immediately available for purchase from the company's web site: Free updaters for existing users and free demos for new customers, as well as the complete list of the new features and fixes for Cinematize 2 are all available at:

"We are very pleased to add these important new features to Cinematize 2. The latest versions of Cinematize 2 make it an ideal companion product for the iPod, allowing users to easily extract favorite music or movie clips off of DVDs and transfer them over for listening or viewing on an iPod. The new Cinematize 2 also makes sharing DVD movie clips on the web very easy," said the CEO and founder of Miraizon, David Salamon.

Cinematize 2 is a highly acclaimed software package that allows users to extract audio and video clips off of any unencrypted DVD and save them in formats compatible with major applications such as Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, QuickTime, FinalCut, PowerPoint, iTunes, or even an iPod. Users can extract clips as short as fraction of a second or as long as a complete movie. Cinematize 2 offers an interface simple enough for novice users, yet with powerful enough features and performance to satisfy even demanding audio and video professionals. Since its release, tens of thousands of customers have used Cinematize to incorporate DVD clips into their presentations, to create movie highlights collections, to edit recorded TV programs, to create still pictures, or to create audio clips for CDs, iPods, and iTunes. More details on the many features and applications of Cinematize can be found at:

Pricing and Availability

Priced at US$69.95 plus shipping and handling, the box version of Cinematize 2 for Windows and Macintosh is available for immediate purchase from the company web site at Priced at US$59.95, the downloadable version of Cinematize 2 for Windows and Macintosh is also available for immediate purchase from the company web site.

The box version of Cinematize 2 for Macintosh is also available through major retail stores such as, Apple Store, CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, J&R, MacMall, Micro Center, Small Dog Electronics, and Tekserve, as well as through many other local Apple specialist stores. The box version of Cinematize 2 for Windows will also be available at major retail stores in the near future.

About Miraizon

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Miraizon was formed to deliver innovative, fun, and easy-to-use digital media software products to consumers. The company's highly acclaimed software product, Cinematize, has been used by audio and video professionals and enthusiasts from over 60 countries. From major Hollywood movie studios and TV networks to top art schools and advertising agencies, Cinematize has an impressive list of customers. Miraizon plans to introduce many more such useful products in the future.

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