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Miraizon Releases Windows Versions of Cinematize 3 and Cinematize 3 Pro
- The Next Generation DVD Clip Extractors and Converters

Sunnyvale, California - July 27, 2011 - Miraizon®, a Silicon Valley digital media software company, announced today the immediate availability of its new products, Cinematize® 3 and Cinematize® 3 Pro for Windows. Cinematize is a DVD clip extractor and converter that allows users to extract audio and video clips off of DVDs and convert them into popular formats. Applications and devices supported by Cinematize 3 and 3 Pro include QuickTime, Premiere, Avid, Vegas, Sonic, PowerPoint, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, and iPads as well as web sites such as YouTube. Built on their award-winning predecessors, Cinematize 2 and 2 Pro, Cinematize 3 and 3 Pro are even faster, better, and easier to use. The Windows versions of Cinematize 3 and 3 Pro offer exactly the same new functionality as their Mac version counterparts released earlier this year.

Cinematize 3 and Cinematize 3 Pro continue Miraizon's signature combination of advanced features with quality, ease-of-use, and speed. With their simple intuitive user interfaces, even novice users can immediately start using Cinematize 3 and 3 Pro while enjoying professional quality results. Cinematize users include not only video and audio professionals but also teachers, doctors, lawyers, and home users. They use Cinematize to accomplish a wide range of DVD projects including re-editing DVDs, incorporating DVD clips into presentations, creating movie highlights collections, editing recorded TV programs, creating still pictures, extracting subtitles for language studies, and creating video and audio clips for iTunes, iPods, iPads and web sites.

"We are very excited to be able to deliver Cinematize 3 and Cinematize 3 Pro to Windows users. We are confident that they will immediately see the benefits of the new features including synchronized audio/video preview, faster extraction speed, and additional output options, to name just a few. We are very proud of the quality of the products and services we offer and we believe that continues to be what sets us apart," says Miraizon founder and CEO, David Salamon.

New Features Common to both Cinematize 3 and Cinematize 3 Pro

  • Preview video and audio in sync
  • Locate clips faster and more easily with improved user interface
  • Directly output H.264, iPhone, iPad, and 3GP Phone movies
  • Decode MPEG and DTS audio
  • Load up movies and extract clips faster
  • Save higher quality decoded movies

Additional New Features in Cinematize 3 Pro

  • Batch extract multiple clips with the same or different settings with the Extraction List
  • Batch extract clips from multiple File Groups at once
  • Control audio output better with more decoding options
  • Save and load entire Extraction Lists
  • Extract multiple clips and combine them all into one output movie
  • Save and load settings without restrictions

Full details on the complete set of features included in Cinematize 3 for Windows and 3 Pro for Windows along with free demo versions are available at Miraizon's web site:

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $59.95 and $129.95 respectively, Cinematize 3 for Windows (Downloadable Version) and Cinematize 3 Pro for Windows (Downloadable  Version) are available for purchase immediately at Miraizon's online store at: Special upgrade pricing is available for users of previous versions of Cinematize and Cinematize Pro.

Priced at $69.95 and $149.95 respectively, the Box Versions of Cinematize 3 for Windows and Cinematize 3 Pro for Windows will also be available shortly through Miraizon's online store as well as standard retail distribution channels.

About Miraizon

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Miraizon was formed to deliver high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use digital media software products. The company now offers three products: Cinematize 3, Cinematize 3 Pro, and Reframe.

Cinematize 3 and Cinematize 3 Pro are high quality DVD extractors and converters that allow users to extract audio and video clips off of DVDs and convert them into a variety of popular formats. Cinematize 3 is an introductory product that includes everything needed to start DVD extraction and conversion projects. Cinematize 3 Pro offers many additional advanced and convenient time-saving features. Their predecessors, Cinematize 2 and Cinematize 2 Pro, have both received top ratings from major technology magazines and users, and have been used by tens of thousands of customers, including professionals and amateurs alike from over 70 countries.

Reframe is a professional quality video converter that allows users to change their video and audio from one standard or format to another. It is a stand-alone software solution to convert between PAL and NTSC video, SD and HD video, or from film to video. Reframe supports a variety of popular input and output file formats including AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPG, 3GP, WAV, AIF, and MP3. With Reframe, users can repurpose their video and audio, whether to create highly editable formats or to convert into formats suitable for presentations, for posting on YouTube, or for viewing on iPods or iPhones.

Miraizon products are distributed through its own online store as well as through major retail stores in the US including Fry's, Apple Store, Micro Center, and They are also distributed through major retail stores in Japan, Canada, and Australia.

Miraizon plans to introduce many more such high quality products in the future.

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