Additional Customer Comments

"After trying several other products, I finally got your Cinematize 2.0. Your product works amazingly well and has saved us countless hours of reshooting. We recently needed to make a change in our demo video and had saved our source files onto DVD. Unfortunately, several of those files had become corrupted and we were faced with the unpleasant prospect of having to reshoot those scenes. Then we tried your program and lifted those scenes from our old demo video DVD. You can't tell the difference from scenes encoded from the original AVI files. Thanks, Miraizon!"
--- Bill Castello, professional videographer
"Your product is truly unbelievable. I have been trying to 'unlock' a damaged disk (one I made myself) for a while. I saw an ad in Macworld and thought it can not work but what the hell, let me try it. It (your product) did. It took three tries however it worked! I was able to use the segments to recreate a new DVD (just like the original one). Anyone who produces DVD's must have your product in their 'tool box'. Thank you for a fine product."
--- Joseph B.
"I have been using Cinematize since version 1. Cinematize 2 Pro is fantastic. It really is software without peer. If you want to quote passages from a DVD source, C2 Pro is excellent."
--- Comment posted on by mistersquid
"You provide an excellent service that goes together well with an excellent product. Thanks guys."
--- Claudio C.
"I have been delighted to use your Cinematize 2 program since I bought a copy at Fry's Electronics here in town in the summer of 2005. It's ideal for extracting clips from DVD for use in PowerPoint presentations and podcast lectures posted on my faculty webpage. It has extraordinary flexibility, and its ability to retain video compression during extraction keeps my file size manageable on both my jump drives for in-class lectures and my online postings on SMU's intranet. The image and sound quality is stellar, and the ability to extract clips wholly apart from chapter markings with my own specifications about audio tracks and subtitles make the teaching of international films much easier."
--- Kevin Heffernan, film professor, Southern Methodist University
"Having searched for software that would convert DVDs to an editable format for about 18 Months, and bought a few that returned unacceptable results, I finally found and bought Cinematize. It is exactly what I needed and it does everything you claim, beautifully. Very satisfied."
--- Tony Hegarty
"Your product is probably the best product that has been created for the DVD media. I can't tell you how many times it has saved me time and has made my job as a video editor easier..."
--- George Coucopoulos, Canada
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. We do a lot of hi-def TV and DVD production with musical artists. Your program has been invaluable helping us manage our data and producing custom marketing pieces."
--- Terry Fryer, Illinois, USA
"Good Stuff. Excellent app that gets that gets the job done quick and clean. Nice options."
--- Comment posted on by evildead1
"This program (Cinematize) did exactly what it said it did, no problems, and very simple to use."
--- Comment posted on by mryoungs
"I've used the Windows version of Cinematize on two jobs here at work today and
the software is as good as advertised. Thanks so much."
--- R. Lewis, Washington DC, USA
"It (Cinematize) is a terrific product, and believe me I've evaluated a lot of similar tools, or at least ones that claim to do what Cinematize does. All have serious deficiencies or bugs. "
--- Mark M., Rhode Island, USA
"I appreciate your help very much. I am really enjoying using Cinematize. I was so pleased when I found it and it's doing everything I needed. My DVD archives are useful again."
--- Simon Malcom, Australia
"I must say that I'm impressed with the communication with You. Unfortunately I'm not used to that when I'm in contact with  other companies regarding software issues. Many of them don't bother to answer at all. With Miraizon it's different. I really appreciate this !!!"
--- Jan Lovin, Sweden
"My confidence in Mirazon just skyrocketed! I can't believe there was a response 29 minutes after my e-mailed question -- near midnight on a Thursday. You have my respect and admiration. Obviously you care about your product and customer support."
--- Charles Shields, California, USA
"Yes this program is good, I've been using it for over a year and it has gotten me out of some painfull situations. Nothing else comes close to the ease of use and reliability of this app. Do yourself a favour and cough up the dollars because it's worth every penny."
--- Comment posted on MacUpdate
"Cinematize is a great product! Without it I would be stuck trying to complete my projects."
--- David Hill, Arizona, USA
"Great product! I thought I had lost my DVD films forever."
--- Robert Napier, Texas, USA
"Cinematize is an awesome product - I'm very happy to have found it!"
--- John G., California, USA
"I've been bragging up Miraizon software to folks I know as the whole experience from the purchase, software, and ensuing support has been nothing short of wonderful. Thanks!"
--- Luis C., South Carolina, USA
"I'm writing to you to congratulate you on a fantastic piece of software, i.e. Cinamtize 2. I just bought it maybe an hour and a half ago and have already completed a number of really annoying jobs - compiling a showreel from a bunch of old dvds. It is still fairly rare to come across software that really does do what it says it can do - particularly in my field, music. Congratulations and thanks."
--- M.R., United Kingdom
"I created a large number of 'teaching' DVD's using iDVD for a company to use in its international presentations. When they asked me to create a 'highlights' DVD from clips pulled from 20-30 DVD's I created, I told them, 'No problem.' Then I actually tried to do it, and found it's virtually impossible to import a DVD back into the computer that created it in the first place! My search for a solution led me to Cinematize 2 and it works like a dream. It's simple to use, the quality is impeccable and the user manual is very well written. At $60, this software is a bargain!"
--- D & S
"Within a couple of hours of downloading I had extracted the two segments I needed right down to the frames at the beginning and end of each segment so I didn't need to edit the over 2GB files in iMovie. I imported each segment straight into iDVD, added a front with titles and saved each segment to its own seperate DVD. Video and voice are perfect. Thank you Miraizon for great FAQ's, great support and an excellent product."
--- Paul Niederer, Infomedia Publishing Pty Ltd, Australia
"I run a small and expanding post production company in London, as a bit of PR we support various film events that take place in the UK and Europe. Generally we capture the video from a DigiBeta or Beta SP source and encode it into M2V and AC-3 for authoring in Studio Pro. A lot of these film events are getting very successful and starting to have screenings all over the country. Now they want to mix and match films from previously encoded DVDs. Cinematize allows me to do this with a minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency. Basically I have no need to re-capture and re-encode or rely upon shareware. A huge stress and time saver. The support is also excellent, a well written help section to boot."
--- Will Timbers, PINK PIGEON, London, UK
"First let me say how happy I am that you can now pull out point-to-point clips right from Cinematize! As soon as I saw that new feature on your website I upgraded immediately! You ROCK! I quickly tested the function and it worked perfectly and even retained the aspect ratio of the movie clip and the default codec settings worked great so I didn't even have to fuss around with them!"
--- a customer from Pittsburgh, PA, USA
"Just wanted to let you know that I have purchased the upgrade to Cinematize 2.0 and it works like a charm! I can extract clips with no problems at all, requiring no adjustments of settings by me, and they are perfectly synchronized.I am a VERY happy camper."
--- a customer from Florida, USA
"Your software cinematize is great!! I bought it today and I´m very happy. I´m a teacher, and often I need for lesson only short scenes from a DVD. Thank you very much!!"
--- a customer from Germany
"I've used Cinematize 1.x for some time and quickly purchased the update to 2.0. Although I've only had time to test out the new version, this is a big improvement in being able to customize your video extraction from nonprotected DVDs. The interface is much improved plus it allows extraction from specific frames rather than just entire chapters. I believe the improvements in this version justify charging an upgrade fee."
--- Comment posted on by "TGSantee"
"Purchased version 2.0.1 (of Cinematize) yesterday after trying the demo. A great piece of software for quickly extracting clips from self-made DVD's and then editing them in either iMovie or Final Cut Pro. It did the job perfectly!!! Also the support you get from Miraizon is superb, a five star rating. If you are into home movies, use a dvd camera and want to edit them, I highly recommend this product."
--- Comment posted on by "Nicholas La-Maison (United Kingdom)"
"Very impressed with the quick and efficient service I have found with my problem. Convert DVD to Quicktime is all-important for me and that sofware does the job perfectly."
--- Comment posted on by "Cube of Movies"
"I'm only using (Cinematize) version 1.03, but it is a wonderful application that does its job very well and very fast! I have just imported a full DVD with 58 minutes of video into my iBook G4 in about 8 minutes... Great!"
--- Comment posted on by "Hugo Mujica"
"A sorely needed application which fills the bill perfectly and Im sure the developer will continue to add more features. Quality is exception and overal I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with the purchase."
--- Comment posted on by "rojogeek"