Addtional Reviews and Awards

"Reframe [for Windows] from Miraizon is one application that keeps things simple."
--- by Geetesh Bajaj, author of "Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies", Indezine, April 2010
"[Cinematize 2 Pro] has been on my 'short shelf' of must-have utilities for years now, and continues to gain power."
--- by Loren S. Miller, imagine magazine, October 2009
"Reframe [for Macintosh] takes a complicated task, and then makes it easy for you with plain English terminology..."
--- by Geetesh Bajaj, author of "Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies", Indezine, October 2009
"[Cinematize 2 Pro] is elegant, easy to use and has a solid, friendly user interface." [9 out of 10 Rating for Cinematize 2 Pro]
--- by Dennis Sellers, MacsimumNews, March 2008
"As the best product of 2007, I chose and highly recommend Cinematize 2 Pro ... Cinematize 2 Pro is an inexpensive, versatile tool that will serve you well when you least expect it." [Cinematize 2 Pro Best Product of 2007]
--- by Alan Naumann, eventDV magazine, December 2007
"... but if you work with DVD content on a frequent basis, or would like to work with it more frequently if only you could, get Cinematize Pro, as it will quickly pay for itself. Cinematize gets a solid 5 moose rating and has become an indispensable tool in my video toolbox."
--- by Ron Schoedel, AAUG, November 2007
"... I have not used a better product to perform this sort of task, it [Cinematize 2 Pro] is easy to use, quick, and provides a variety of customisations that enables me as a video editor to re-enter the footage as part of another project or use it to export to other devices or formats, I can also use this for streaming on the web or downloading."
--- by Software Editorial magazine, September 2007
"With a learning curve of less than 30 minutes, a fast extraction process, and a history of DVD lesson built into the manual, Cinematize 2 Pro is an excellent addition to any school's production or IT department."
--- by Chuck Gloman, Government Video magazine, June 2007
"Cinematize simplifies a normally difficult task with the help of a wizard type interface -- and the price:performance ratio is great."
--- by Geetesh Bajaj, author of "Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies", Indezine, June 2007
"Like all the best products, Cinematize takes a messy and technical task and gives it a simple, efficient workflow. Everyone who wants to extract from DVD should use it."
--- by Howard Oakley, MacUser magazine, March 2007
"...the additional features in the software's [Cinematize 2] Pro version will appeal to anyone who needs to regularly extract media from DVDs."
--- by Jeff Carlson, Macworld magazine, March 2007
PC Magazine Belgium review of Cinematize 2 Pro [in Flemish]
--- by PC Magazine (Belgium), December 2006
"...if you are looking for a DVD movie clip extractor then this is certainly up there with the best."
--- by Womble,, December 2006
"Cinematize 2 Pro makes easy work of a complicated job ensuring that almost anyone can extract movie clips from a DVD using a simple learning curve."
--- by Geetesh Bajaj, author of "Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies", Indezine, October 2006
"For what it does, Cinematize is simplicity itself..."
--- by Geetesh Bajaj, author of "Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies", Indezine, September 2006
"Cinematize delivers a rare combination of ease of use, performance, and high-quality output. Unlike a lot of programs, you really can't get lost figuring out what to do."
--- by Todd Gillespie, eventDV magazine, June 2006
Mac Life magazine (Germany) review [in German]
--- by Mac Life Germany, May 2006
"A more straightforward approach is to use a dedicated DVD extraction tool like Miraizon Cinematize, ..."
--- by Douglas Dixon, Camcorder and Computer Video magazine, March 2006
"... Cinematize has almost every option you could want for video/audio codecs and file formats and the documentation does a good job of explaining the available options."
--- by Owen Linzmayer,, February 2006
"[Cinematize 2] is very easy to use, does exactly what it says it will do, and does it excellently. It is a must have for anyone needing to extract video from DVDs."
--- by Heilan Yvette Grimes, MacDirectory magazine, November 2005
PC Magazine Belgium review of Cinematize 2 [in Flemish]
--- by PC Magazine (Belgium), October 2005
"You can't pull off video clips from a DVD like you could do with VHS tape. Cinematize can help, because ..."
--- by HDTV etc. magazine, October 2005
"My favorite app is Cinematize, a cross-platform tool designed to extract non-copy-protected material from a DVD."
--- by Richard Harrington, DV magazine, August 2005
"The program provides drag-and-drop simplicity along with an easy-to-use user interface. ... The process is fast ..."
--- by Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing, July 2005
"... we were impressed with [Cinematize's] ability to navigate and extract material from complex multiple angled un-encrypted DVDs. Miraizon has further developed this tool ..."
--- by Design Graphics magazine (Issue 116), June 2005
"Kudos to Miraizon for creating a simple, elegant easy to use tool that performs its function with aplomb."
--- by James Alguire, MacNN, May 2005
"If you find yourself needing to edit or reuse content from your DVDs, Cinematize is a full-featured app that offers almost all the features you could ask for."
--- by Jonathan Seff, Macworld magazine, May 2005
"... we were able to extract that footage using Cinematize, save the footage in our codec of choice, reedit in Final Cut Pro and then use that video for a newly authored DVD. And [Cinematize] was extremely easy to use."
--- by Jem Schofield, P3 magazine, April 2005
"Once you have used the Cinematize 2 software to recreate your DVD content, you will wonder how you ever got along without it."
--- by Neil Sander, MACS User Group, March 2005