Comparaisons Cinematize 3 Pro

Comparaison des fonctions Cinematize Pro par rapport à Cinematize

DVD Clip Selection Cinematize 3 Pro Cinematize 3 Cinematize 2 Pro Cinematize 2
Load up movies faster with background reading of DVD data        
Specify default video and audio streams        
View total time of selected segment        
Display timecode with Chapter origin or Title origin        
Preview in a larger resizable aspect-corrected window        
Preview video        
Preview audio        
Preview subtitles        
Select start and end points down to the frame level        
Select from multiple angles and soundtracks        
Select video alone, audio alone, or together as a movie        
Select from all DVD video and audio formats (PAL, NTSC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, PCM, AC-3, MPEG, DTS, SDDS, etc.)        
Select from both Video Manager and Video Title Sets        
Select from Video Recording Files on DVD-VR discs        
Select from DVD menus        
Batch extract multiple clips with the same settings        
Batch extract multiple clips with the different settings        
Easily locate selected segments in the list with thumbnail images        
Batch extract segments from multiple file groups at once        
Rearrange, duplicate, replace, or edit segments in the extraction list        
Save and load entire batch extraction lists        
Specify a file name for each clip in the extraction list        

Extraction Options Cinematize 3 Pro Cinematize 3 Cinematize 2 Pro Cinematize 2
Extract audio alone, video alone, or together as movies        
Adjust output audio volume level        
Specify output audio sample size up to 32 bits        
Decode AC-3 and PCM audio        
Decode MPEG audio and DTS audio        
Extract video with any subtitle track burned in        
Easily select the right output formats using Output Type categories        
Extract audio and video in original compressed format        
Output to popular output formats (QuickTime, DV, AVI, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, iPod, AIFF, WAVE, etc.)        
Directly output to iPhone, iPad, and 3GP Phone movies        
Directly output to H.264 with automatic configuration        
Directly output to still pictures        
Extract QuickTime movies with chapter markers        
Custom configure QuickTime export component parameters        
Extract multiple clips separately        
Extract multiple clips and combine them all into one movie        
Save and load all settings as presets        
Extract faster with multithreading taking advantage of multiple CPUs        
Output higher quality video with improved de-interlacing and decoding of variable frame rate video        
Save higher quality movies for devices and the web with advanced frame scaling        
Save QuickTime movies with improved aspect ratio compatibility